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Pet Policy

We love dogs! We strive to keep our pet friendly homes just that, pet friendly!… by asking our
guests to be conscientious about the impact their four legged friend is having on the home, the
property, and the neighbors.

Of pet owners, we ask:

~ a per-night, per pet fee for four legged guests. This fee goes towards helping homeowners with
the inevitable repairs needed for cumulative pet-wear-and-tear on their home (scratched doors,
chewed rugs, stained comforters, etc.), not towards additional cleaning needs.

~We accept guests of the canine persuasion only ~ sorry, no feline friends.

~In the home, dogs are not permitted on the beds, futons, chairs, couches, or blankets. If you are
UNABLE to prevent this, please bring (clean!) sheets or blankets from home to put over the
couches, beds and futons.

~Please be conscientious about yard clean-up. If the property you are renting has a shared yard or
courtyard, please DO NOT allow your pet to relieve himself there – walk your pet on a leash to
the alleyway or down the street, always being careful to immediately collect your pet’s waste and
throw it away.

~If it’s rainy or muddy outside, throw a dog towel on the floor by the doors. While some dog
friendly properties provide these towels, please bring your own. If your dog has been swimming,
please wipe them off!

~Most city parks prohibit dogs, and there is a leash law in Salida.

~While it is tempting to let them run, your dog MUST be on leash when outside a fenced yard as
there are often neighboring dogs, pedestrians, and/or wildlife in the area — yes, deer do roam the
town, and bears or mountain lions can come close to mountain properties.

~Because wildlife in the area is so extensive, please do not leave dogfood out inside the house
where it can attract mice, or outside the house where it can attract larger appetites.

~Additional cleaning charges will apply for yard clean-up, excessive pet hair, or messes
requiring additional carpet, upholstery or comforter/blanket cleaning.

~And finally, pets may not be left alone in the home unless you have them kenneled or are 110%
certain there will be no disturbing barking, scratched doors or stained carpets. If needed, local
pet boarding is available at Wag’n Tails 719-539-9246

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